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Swg legends nightsister farming

Yes Armor All Rancor Bile Rancor Hides Rancor Padded Armor Segment Rancor Tooth Weapons All Wearables All.

Registered: 12-27-2004. Reply 1 of 3. Viewed 687 times. Night Sister Faction Park. That Themepark is located on Dathomir at the Nightsister Stronghold POI. This is one of high end Themeparks - you should have mastered one or more higher combat professions and to know how you fight enemies like Singing mountain Clan sisters or Nightsisters. Game Info. A tribe of Dark Side Force wielding Dathomir Witches.They are known for keeping male slaves. Their leader (according to Star Wars Canon) is Gethzerion, found on the second floor of the Nightsister Stronghold.Another powerful Nightsister, Axkva Min, is also situated in the Stronghold (in the caves beneath the area, entrance is outside the gate) under very heavy guard, and slaying her. swg_heroic contact info: [email protected] Whether sweet-talking an attractive alien or bargaining with a hardened criminal contact, the Smuggler’s charm is a notorious asset, and often the ticket to turning around a deteriorating situation. New Segment Enhancement Assignments: Nightsister Layer -> Nightsister Bounty Hunter Armor Shard Segments.

Level Tugging's Characters (8 / 199) Last updated: 14 hours ago Sort (Power) Filters Nightsister 6 2 81 % Asajj Ventress 7 1 85 % Old Daka 2 85 64 % Mother Talzin 5 74 % Nightsister Zombie 85 56 % Nightsister Acolyte 85 52 % Nightsister Spirit 85 51 % Talia 85 36 % Nightsister Initiate.

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This guide is being updated... along with the page =} Still working on the following ones... Corvette Avatar Spirt of Exar Kun Talus Prison Outbreak Axkva Min For Jedi PvE i'd recommend MLS/MDef/2xxx Healer/x4xx Enhancer/xx2x Power. This build will let you solo alot, you can solo Elders, Unkajo and the rest of Echo base but the Defense Droid, all DWS but golga, Iconic, and most of Geo (sub.

Search: Swg Legends Afk Leveling. Fast money making level 1 - 100, 12Sky2 Guides, Twelve Sky 2 Guides From there you will check the “Auto AFK Enabled” box (as shown here ) and set your Auto AFK time to 1 or 2 so shortly after starting your macro if you do not move your mouse your AFK tag will go up 1 Example 2 Enterainer can be done in a day with macros If you love.

SWG Legends | Getting Started Part I - Installing Star Wars Galaxies. Skip to Part II if you already have Star Wars Galaxies installed. You WILL NEED a copy of Star Wars Galaxies. You DO NOT need to have any of the expansions, and not having the expansions will not affect your game-play at all. The game can be purchased from.

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